Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Few Improvements On Xmas

A Few Improvements On Xmas

First of all, Xmas has Christ's name on it. So, the premise is, that it is Christ's birthday, so the premise is, that since it is Christ's birthday, this is where the idea of giving presents on Xmas comes from; so, in order to really honor Christ, the presents should be given to Christ, not others, like just give the money that we would have used for presents for our children and others, who probably don't really need them, to the poor or to our favorite charity. This would honor Christ more than giving the presents to each other.

Next, we should get rid of Santa Claus, because if it is Christ's birthday why have Santa Claus around, because most of us know without a doubt, that our children are more interested in Santa, and can tell us more about Santa, elves, reindeer, Xmas trees with presents under them, than they can Christ.

It would be like throwing a birthday party for our child, but honoring our next door neighbor's child. If we don't believe this, just ask a child about what Xmas means, and what it means to them.

Next, we should get rid of the pagan fertility symbols, and other symbols, like holly, mistletoe, Xmas trees, bulbs on trees. Also we should get rid of the drunken parties and revelry, which lead up to our making resolutions at new years, like "My head hurts so bad, I'll never do it again, and other promises that we don't keep.

We should quit taking beautiful trees, which are cut from our forests, by the multiple tens of millions for use as Xmas trees. Also, every year, many homes have burned down, and people have been killed from the trees catching on fire; and it was worse when people used to have candles on the trees.

We should not just get a sentimental feeling in our hearts, that we are going to do a few good deeds around Xmas, or visit family or friends once a year; we should rather do this all year, and make a habit out of doing good all of the time.

We shouldn't condemn " Xmas grinches", who won't "Shell out" on Xmas, because maybe they work hard for their money, and maybe they give to "United Fund" or other charities and maybe they are cheerful givers. Maybe they don't want to be programmed into the syndrome, that they have to give something at Xmas.

We should beware of "Charities" who make a big deal out of feeding winos and bums at Xmas, especially when the news media is there, because, if we really look into it further, we will find out that the "Charities" take care of themselves first.

We should instruct our children, that it is much more blessed to "Give" to others, rather than laying half-awake the night before Xmas, wondering what they are "gonna get". We should beware of Xmas music, though it is beautiful, and emphasizes the time of the birth of Christ, it neglects most of the other scriptures, including the time of Christ's most important sacrifice and brutal death and also the things that He accomplished during the remainder of His perfect life on the Earth.

We should beware of the "Wonderful" world of Disney, who put much emphasis on Xmas, Santa, elves, witches, sorcerers, fairy godmothers, headless horsemen, demons, halowe'en, Xmas grinches, magic, never-never land, Easter bunnies, ad-nauseum; and almost nothing about true values, or the things having to do with what the Son of God really taught.

They indoctrinate children from the time they can walk. If we do not take part in these things, then maybe we can put more honor upon Jesus, and if we remove these things mentioned above, having to do with the remnants of paganism then we won't really need to even keep Xmas at all, because there will be nothing left of Xmas, and no reason to even observe it.

Better yet, lets just all be Xmas grinches and throw the gaudy pagan day away, and quit playing the sentimental phonies that Xmas forces us to be. Hoooraaay for Scrooge

JHH - Albuquerque, NM

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